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Single Hung Window Replacement in Augusta

Single Hung Window Replacement in Augusta

Single Hung Window Replacement in Augusta

Window style has a long-term effect on the overall appearance both interior and exterior of your home. The type you choose can improve the curb appeal of your home. Among all existing types, Single hung windows are one of the most famous types.

  Single Hung Window Replacement in Augusta bottom sash moves up to open to allow the flow of air into the home while the top sash is permanently fixed. 

When most people talk of standard windows, they simply refer to single hung windows as they are so common to the extent that they can be seen in almost every home.

Why You Should Install Single Hung Windows in Your Home

When contemplating the type of windows to install in your new home or probably the type to replace your old windows with, many options will come to your mind and if possible, the contractor may even suggest different options and left you to decide on your most preferred choice.

 I believe you are entitled to your choice but before you decide, I will like to take a moment to understand a few of the benefits you can derive installing single hung windows in your home.

Lower Purchase Cost 

The design of single hung window is simple but classic, no hardware and a fewer moving part which just the movement of the bottom sash is up and down. This simplicity contributes to the affordability of single hung windows. Single Hung Window Replacement in Augusta 

Comparing the price of a single hung window with other types of window, you are likely to get each at 10% to 30% lesser than any other type of window. This might not be convincing enough but when you are to replace the whole of the windows in your home, the reduction in the price will be very significant and may add up to your savings. 

Long Lifespan

Unlike other windows that have many moving parts, a single hung window has less moving parts and with this, you can expect less maintenance, less repair or replacement and many years of service.

Windows and Home Security 

Single hung windows provide adequate security to the home than any other type of window. It is easy for an intruder to invade your home easily through other types of windows but may be a bit difficult if intruders were to pass through a single hung window as there is no any device on the outside to help the intruder and passing through the bottom sash may be difficult.

 The little more seconds that will take the intruder to think of a way out is enough to attract the attention of your neighbor and also, your security device may notify the authorities and have them show up within the shortest period of time to save your properties. 

An Energy-Efficient Solution 

Most single hung windows are made of double pane glass which aid in minimizing the transference of cold and heat between the interior and exterior of the home. There is less leaking space on single hung windows which make it perfect in minimizing heat transference. 

All these factors help to maximize energy which makes it consume less energy to heat and cool your home. Obviously, there will be a drastic reduction in the amount you will be spending on energy.

Numerous are the advantages of a single hung window that you can enjoy with us but we will limit it to this few. To make more enquires, contact us (706) 830-6016 and arrange for a home visit. We will help you to explore the beauty of your home without creating a threat to your pocket.

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Single Hung Window Replacement in Augusta

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Single Hung Window Replacement in Augusta

Single Hung Window Replacement in Augusta 

Single Hung Window Replacement in Augusta

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Single Hung Window Replacement in Augusta

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Single Hung Window Replacement in Augusta