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Transom Window Replacement in Augusta

Transom Window Replacement in Augusta

Transom Window Replacement in Augusta

Are you planning to build a new house in Georgia? 

Is renovating your home to enhance it aesthetic view your focus?

 Are you dreaming of turning your house to a point of attraction? Whatever may be your dream, transom windows should be part of what you should think of when chosen your primary windows as they are capable of complementing a broad range of home styles.  

Just in case you are not the type that follows window trends, transom windows are windows that serve as an accent above a primary window which implies that for you to install a transom window, there are must be a primary window. Transom Window Replacement in Augusta 

One good thing about transom window is that they are fit to pair with any type of window operating style; be it sliding, single hung, casement or double hung!

Types of Transom Windows

Transom windows come in an array of designs to fit different styles of windows while creating different looks. Below are few basic types of transom windows that are very popular especially in Georgia.

Horizontal rectangle transom windows

This type of transom windows extend the lengths of the main windows as they are installed above the windows. 

Half-circle and elliptical transoms windows

They are very famous among the types of transom windows as they can be installed on both single operating window and span multiple windows.

Custom asymmetrical transoms 

They are a perfect option simply because they can perfectly align with a sloping roof.

Ventilating transoms 

They specifically designed to enhance the ventilation of the home where they are installed especially during the summer. They are designed to open outward similar to the style of an awning or hopper window to allow for ventilation.

The array of glasses option available for transom windows designs include leaded, stained, and etched glass which can literarily add to the aesthetic view of your home.

Benefits of Transom Windows

Below are a few of the benefits that come with the installation of transom windows as unique accents in your home:

Improved Aesthetic view of your home

Leaded, stained, and etched glass are some of the glasses used for transom windows, they are capable of enhancing the beauty of your house since they are very decorative. aesthetics is one of the primary reasons people install transom windows. 

More natural light

The benefit of transom windows is not limited to just improving the aesthetics view of a house, one of the primary objectives is to allow the penetration of natural light into the house.

 It necessary to cover your window with curtains or blinds for privacy especially when your windows are designed with pane glasses that are somehow transparent. Transom windows are installed above the primary windows and can be left uncovered to allow the penetration of natural light into the house without compromising privacy.


You can still enjoy ventilation when your primary windows and doors are closed if you design your transom windows with opening and closing. Once you open it, it allows easy airflow.

Energy Conservation

Transom windows help in energy conservation and drastically reduces the amount you energy on energy on a monthly basis. Transom Window Replacement in Augusta This might sound funny but when you think of their numerous benefits which include ventilation and entrance of natural light then, you will realize that it will require energy to achieve them if the transom windows are not available to need them.

Install Transom Windows in Georgia!

Haven’t read little information that we provided about transom windows, Window and Door experts of Georgia is where to go when you concluded on installing them in your house. 

We have an array of transom windows from leading manufacturer that will enhance the aesthetic view of your house while delivering the functionality you want from your new transoms.

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Transom Window Replacement in Augusta

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Transom Window Replacement in Augusta

Transom Window Replacement in Augusta 

Transom Window Replacement in Augusta

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Transom Window Replacement in Augusta

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Transom Window Replacement in Augusta